Calling all people that want to eat yummy foods but have food restrictions! Insert, ME. Hi, I’m Sheila! Basically, I just love food. I’m a big foodie at heart, but after feeling sick from the foods I loved for over 15 years, things had to change. I’ve been tested for everything under the sun, and doctors could never figure out why I had constant flu like symptoms consisting of: sore throats, achy body/joints, runny noses, and overall feeling like a run down old car. Sadly, not one single specialist could ever correlate these symptoms with food.

I have been misdiagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, mono (ha), or just told I was stressed out since I was in college (isn’t everyone stressed out in business school? Shout out to SDSU Alumni!). Anyhow, it was like an endless road with no answers.  After doing extensive research on my own, I decided to eliminate gluten, and from there discovered that gluten/dairy products were causing ALL of my health problems. Who knew that my favorite pizza, and bean and cheese burritos (yes I’m a SoCal girl) was making me so sick! Such a simple solution to such an inconvenience for so many years, and  I finally broke free from the sick train!

My passion for food and eating out motivated the inner chef to start surfacing. I wanted to eat the same delicious meals as I used to and realized I had to create them with ingredients that agreed with my body. I’m taking out the confusion and guess work for all of you with the same health restrictions (or simply want to eat more clean), and hope you love my recipes as much as I do!  I’m happy to say that I feel great after my discovery! Come along with me as I create new recipes to share with you daily. Leave a comment, tag a friend, pin a recipe…..but most importantly EAT and feel well.  


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