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Paleo Sweet Potato Crumb Casserole

Paleo Sweet Potato Crumb Casserole, sweet potato casserole, paleo casserole, gluten-free sweet potato casserole

It's so hard to find a good Paleo Sweet Potato Crumb Casserole recipe these days that tastes just like the flavors you remember growing up during the pre-allergy days.

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Easy Paleo Asian Italian Shrimp Lettuce Wraps

Easy Paleo Asian Italian Shrimp Lettuce Wraps

Can we say yum, healthy and refreshing? I love shrimp. I grew up eating seafood and shrimp prepared in all different types of recipes. You can literally do anything to shrimp and not have it taste bad (well sort of haha).  Shrimp just has an amazing texture which gives you ...

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Super Moist Paleo Coconut Banana Bread

Paleo Banana Bread, Gluten-Free banana bread, dairy-free banana bread

Banana bread is great all year round and makes a great gift during the holidays. When attempting to make a grainless bread, you have to come up with the right portions of flours to use in order to have a tasty banana bread. It can get tricky especially with Paleo…but ...

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Paleo Salmon Marinated in Sweet Ginger Soy Glaze

Wild caught salmon recipe, wild caught salmon ginger soy recipe, wild caught salmon paleo

Fresh wild caught salmon is so delicious with this homemade sweet ginger soy glaze sauce. It reminds me when I was in Hawaii, and all the Asian fusion seasonings incorporated with the fresh seafood just had me walking in heaven. A little bit of sweet and a little but of ...

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Easy No Mess Organic Paleo Baked Chicken Breast

baked chicken, gluten-free chicken, organic chicken,

This really is the easiest chicken breast recipe there is. Plus there’s literally no mess when it’s done! How, you ask? Keep reading…..Let’s face it – there are days you want a healthy, organic, gluten-free wholesome fresh meal…and yet you want to put very little effort into it. Introducing: Easy ...

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Bananas Foster Paleo Crepes using Cassava Flour

Bananas Foster Crepes using Cassava Flour, gluten-free crepes, cassava flour crepe recipe, ottos cassava flour crepes, paleo crepes, banana paleo crepes recipe, dairy-free crepes recipe

Crepes remind me of my summer spent in France. They really have crepes on every corner over there like we have Starbucks lol. I remember pre gluten-free, I would find amazing crepes in San Diego and New York, and pretty much in any foodie district. However, now being gluten and ...

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Organic Paleo Chicken Sausage Gumbo with Coconut Milk

Organic Paleo Chicken and Sausage Gumbo, Gluten-free chicken gumbo, gluten-free sausage gumbo

Gumbo. Better yet, Organic Paleo Chicken Sausage Gumbo with Coconut Milk . I thought to myself I wanted a chicken and a sausage combo combined in a soup like form..but not a soup. Something thicker and heartier but dairy-free. That’s where this Organic Paleo Chicken Sausage Gumbo with Coconut Milk  came to ...

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Organic Vegan Strawberry Mini Cheesecakes

Gluten-Free cheesecake, dairy-free cheesecake, gluten and dairy free strawberry cheesecake

Ok, these Organic Vegan Strawberry Mini Cheesecakes make you want to never leave your house again. I could literally eat 50 of these a day while watching my favorite show, American Idol. What’s awesome is they are the perfect bite size for parties or children, and you don’t have to feel ...

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Organic Homemade 5 Ingredient Vanilla Almond Milk

Organic Homemade 5 Ingredient Vanilla Almond Milk, Organic Homemade Almond Milk, almond milk,

I never really put much thought to how almond milk was made. Wait, can you milk almonds? haha JK!  But it’s super easy!! I keep heading back to the fridge throughout the day to taste this rich almond milk. I tell you, even if I wasn’t dairy-free, man the taste ...

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Organic Paleo Chicken Avocado Lime Soup

Paleo chicken soup, gluten-free chicken soup, dairy-free avocado soup

Warm chicken soup. Some days just call for a bowl. Who doesn’t love chicken soup from scratch? Remember the traditional campbell’s chicken soup out of a can as a kid? Well this isn’t it HAHA. All the processed items in one of those cans, I don’t even want to recall ...

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