Everyone knows I love honey! The healing and soothing nutrients of this awesome gift from nature are just so amazing for you, and it serves as a great substitute for sugar in all my cooking and baking! Honey helps with my daily routine – first thing in the morning I pour some of this awesomeness in my cup of tea and even my coffee, YES I said coffee! Depending on my mood, I may add it to my bulletproof coffee blended along with some coconut oil and organic ghee.  When I am sick, scooping a bit of honey and adding a dash of lemon on the spoon does wonders instead of your sucking on your typical cough drops. Honey helps soothe sore throats and because of its anti-inflammatory properties, it can really help heal your ailments. This is why you want to ensure you’re eating quality honey.

I was so happy when Happy Valley, a top honey brand in New Zealand, decided to send me some of their honey to try out. With over 30 years experience in beekeeping, and a leading supplier of quality bee products, they have very little human influence in nature’s process. What this means is their honey is raw, and maintains the flavor from the environment it comes from by providing organic treatment in each step of their honey making process. A side interesting fact about New Zealand is that all the crops are Non-GMO, so there’s assurance that your honey hasn’t been genetically modified. 

I am always open to trying out new honey, however, this honey is extra special. I literally can just scoop it out of the jar with a spoon and eat it by itself. I had to show you an up close screenshot of the Manuka Native Honey, as it’s so thick and rich. The flavor profile of this Manuka Native Honey is as follows:

Manuka is a complex, intense and chewy honey with rich toffee and caramel flavours and coconut, woody, nutty notes that lingers on the taste buds. This honey has a slightly bitter lingering finish and a very smooth pleasant texture.

Happy Valley Manuka Honey
Happy Valley Manuka Native Honey


WHOA doesn’t that just sound like you want to take a dive in and swim around into it? HAHA. A fact about the Manuka, a tea tree, is it is found in New Zealand, and otherwise known as the New Zealand tea tree with it’s small white flowers (which bloom during spring and summer with the peak flowering season lasting from November through to January). People have been known to use Manuka for it’s healing and antibacterial properties and for medicinal purposes. Happy Valley’s Manuka Native Honey has a dark amber color to it which is rich and nourishing. I love drizzling it over some organic, gluten-free oatmeal and even on some gluten-free toast. 

Happy Valley Wildflower Honey, Happy Valley Wildflower Honey Review
Happy Valley Wildflower Field Honey


The Wildflower Field Honey has a delightful taste to it and not as thick as the Manuka Native Honey which serves for a great drizzling effect. Look at how delicious Happy Valley’s Wildflower Field Honey flavor profile is:

A rich amber honey that has a fragrant multi floral flavour and aroma. It is a delicious blend of the nectar collected fresh from the wild flowers which grow abundantly in the remote valleys and fields of New Zealand. 


Happy Valley Wildflower Honey, Happy Valley Honey Review
Happy Valley Wildflower Field Honey


It is perfect when I used it in my sauces to marinade chicken and salmon. Seriously, one scoop of this stuff and you will be hooked and not disappointed. With all the flavor profiles, you can be sure that your recipes will be amped up a notch. 

If you would like to purchase any of these tasty honey’s, you can do so on Amazon here.

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 Happy Valley Honey Review 

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