Let’s face it, when you have kiddos, sometimes brushing their teeth can be a challenge right? Sometimes you find the worst artificially flavored toothpastes and what do they end up doing – sucking it all off and eating it. With the big toothpaste debate going on such as all the yucky ingredients most toothpastes contain, when you have kiddos you don’t want them accidentally digesting this stuff and getting it into their systems.


Therefore, I went on a natural fluoride-free toothpaste hunt for my three-year-old, and came across this brand called Jack N Jill. I love how all their toothpaste flavors are all natural flavor extracts plus organic, kosher, vegan, gluten-free and contain no allergens. I mean how easy is it to convince my three-year-old to brush his teeth with these flavors: raspberry, banana, blueberry, blackcurrant, and strawberry? 

Jack n Jill Toothpaste, kids toothpaste, kids natural toothpaste
Jack n Jill Toothpaste

My son’s favorite flavor is hands down the banana. He would be curious George if he could be, and so bananas are definitely his current thing…which makes brushing his teeth so easy! He gets so excited to brush his teeth with his favorite flavor while using his Jack N Jill toothbrush. They have a few characters, but he has the bunny.


Jack N Jill Review, kids toothbrush, safe toothbrush for kids
Jack N Jill Toothbrush

Now he doesn’t know this, but mama cares that this has a compostable and biodegradable handle with rounded nylon bristles, and the ergonomic handle is made from 100% corn starch…Non-GMO too! He finishes off his brushing experience with the cutest rinse cup made from bamboo and rice husks and fully biodegradable (also naturally BPA & PVC free). 

Jack N Jill Review, kids mouthwash, kids toothpaste, ecofriendly kids cup
Jack N Jill Cup


Since we travel quite frequently, the sleepover bag (made from pure cotton) is perfect to store his toothpaste and toothbrush in. Did I mention that it’s cuuttte? I am so pleased with how he loves brushing his teeth now and how he doesn’t cringe like he used to with his old awful big clifford plastic toothbrush that would hurt his gums.


Brushing is now fun and makes life just a little easier preparing for bed time 🙂

Jack N Jill Review, kids overnight bag, kids overnight toothbrush kit
Jack N Jill Overnight Bag

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