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Top 12 Kitchen Tools

This combination Ninja Set provides a blender and a food processor which is a great deal. This speed is 1500 watts and I use a combination of these tools daily! Smoothies, sauces, cookies, ice cream, dough mixes, you name it. 

These tongs are great to pick up/toss meats and veggies without scratching your ceramic pans!

I use these measuring spoons literally everyday for baking and cooking. I love how they are magnetic and stackable, without being linked together on a chain so they stay together in the drawer.

Stainless steel measuring cups are great. Very classy and smooth and dishwasher durable. 

Absolutely need my cast iron skillet for great initial searing and then pop the whole thing right in the oven to continue cooking. This is a timeless piece and you DO NOT wash with soap you just wash with water.

This is a great set. BPA free and will last you a long time. The spatula is great for flipping omelettes and fish. The spoons for mixing, and the strainer for veggies.

Eco-friendly cutting boards are a must. Having a set of three when cooking allows for one board for each chopped item.

Glass storage is great for leftovers and to take to lunch with tight seal.

Ceramic non-stick baking pan. PFOA and PTFE free. Great for baking cookies, broiling fish, baking potatoes, etc. 

This glass bakeware set is great plus it has lids for storage in fridge. Easy to bring over to a friends house for parties. Love that the glass bowls can be used as mixing bowls, for serving cold foods such as potato salad, green salads or for baking dishes like sweet potato casserole.


This Analon 11-piece cookware set are pots and pans I literally use every single day. Dishwasher safe, Hard anodized non-stick, PFOA-free, No Lead, No Cadmium, and heats up to 400 degrees. Lifetime warranty!


Everyone needs one good chef knife. The quality is superb and is the best out there for the price. All you need is this one sharp guy for everything and you’re set!



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