I had been on a mission for quite some time to find a great cosmetics line that was organic, non-toxic, and gluten-free. Sadly, in most of my favorite cosmetics that I had spent thousands of dollars on, I learned they were all completely toxic. In addition, they have the worst chemicals that attribute to cancer, and contain parabens galore! Since our skin is the largest organ, we have to truly treat it with care as we are absorbing everything we place on our skin. That means dumping all of my favorite past products such as MAC, NARS, Chanel, and all other super expensive brand named makeup out there. The awful misconception is that I often thought at times that that if I paid more for a product, the quality of the ingredients must be better than the rest, which is the furthest thing from the truth. 

After ditching my old products, I said now what? As much as I love makeup, I was seriously frustrated and needed to find a non-toxic organic line ASAP. I sort of went on a makeup hiatus for awhile because I had no idea there was an organic makeup world out there. After becoming informed of which ingredients to look out for and trying out a few lines, I fell in love with Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques and decided to write a full Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Review. I love how Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques contain certified organic ingredients in their products, cruelty-free, no fillers, no preservatives, artificial colors, and no chemicals that make you age faster or clog your pores. What was also important to me was to not only find an organic makeup line, but also to find one that didn’t contain any gluten ingredients. Now Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques is not gluten-free certified, however, they directly have confirmed that no gluten ingredients were used in any of their products. You can head to the site and read the ingredients page with a full list of all their products. 

It feels great ditching my old products as you really have to think about how makeup sits on our skin all day long. Whether that be through work, photoshoots, errands, and daily routines, you definitely are wearing makeup for a long duration. Understanding that over time makeup can become toxic if they don’t contain organic and clean ingredients. Now to the second most important exciting thing which is, their makeup line is amazing! Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques foundation is the smoothest, natural base I have ever used. It is a mousse like consistency, that is so soft and you can add more or less depending on your desired coverage. Look at the picture below so you can see exactly what I am referring to. What’s perfect is it blends right in with my natural skin tone, so it doesn’t look fake or too cakey. You can apply with a blending brush, which they have a pretty nifty one, a foundation brush, or even fingers.

The convenient thing about Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques is that you can order samples so you aren’t stuck with a color that doesn’t suit you! There’s 21 different creme foundation shades, so try a few samples and get the right one for you! You can actually order samples in pretty much everything they provide so how awesome is that?!

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Lauren Brooke Cosmétiques Organic Foundation

Just to list a few ingredients in their foundation: argan oil, silica, jojoba, passionflower, raspberry, rosehip, and neem. The cool thing is that the foundation has also been tested and is rated at a 28 SPF with all their natural ingredients. The airbrushed smooth look really works well for me and has become my favorite foundation to date. A little goes a long way too!

Concealers are always tricky for me, as I have a unique tone to my skin. Therefore, I always combine a few colors to contour, and to conceal with each color providing a different type of coverage. I love how the concealers are not cakeish nor too oily. Again, the product goes on with such a smooth finish – I love to place a lighter color underneath my eyes to make them pop and down the bridge of my nose. I use a concealer that matches my skin tone to conceal any blemishes that I may have that day. But, I always use my lighter concealer for contouring and it’s great that again, a little goes a long way. I will literally have this stuff forever as you get a good amount of product! 

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Lauren Brooke Cosmétiques Organic Concealer


Since I am under the camera at times, and have to take professional photos of my face – when I like a little extra coverage, I dust on some of their powder foundation over the creme foundation. Now if you are a person who loves the powder foundation concept, this is great! A little goes a long way and you use a brush to dust all over your face. It’s the same concept as Bare Minerals, except without the chemicals and unnecessary ingredients. So there’s two options: you can do either or, and even use both together. 

Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Powder Foundation, Lauren Brooke Cosmétiques Review
Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Powder Foundation


Tell me if your powder foundation contains these lovely ingredients:

“Certified Organic Jojoba Oil infused with Flower Essences, Hydrated Silica, Certified Organic Extracts of Neem, Olive & Raspberry and pure Pearl & Silk Powders which, when combined, creates a powerful blend of vitamins, essential amino acids and proteins to moisturize, protect and soothe your skin. Our Foundation beautifully covers blemishes & uneven skin tones, resulting in a smooth, radiant-looking complexion.”

If your foundation doesn’t sound like this when you read the back of it, grab one of these 16 shades..and again not sure what color to get?……order a few samples to be sure! You can’t lose on the samples. 

Once done, I top off with the finishing powder which is a translucent color for all skin types that contains vitamins, minerals, arrowroot powder and natural clay to absorb excess oil. The translucent powder is pictured on the top right so you can see it goes on clear compared to the other tinted foundations next to it. 


Lauren Brooke Cosmétiques Translucent Powder, Lauren Brooke Cosmétiques Review, Gluten-Free Review, Organic Makeup, Organic face powder
Lauren Brooke Cosmétiques Translucent Powder


Bronzing is my best friend. It allows me to keep up with the different variations and tones my skin provides throughout each season of the year. Sometimes I need more bronzing and sometimes I need more contouring. Just depends if I am more tan in the summer or lighter in the fall. Contouring, which is applying a darker shade around your nose, forehead, cheeks, and chin really provides a slim appearance to your face. In the summer, however, I don’t really contour and more so just bronze a few areas of my face. Here you see both organic bronzers in natural and golden.  A little truly goes such a LONG way, so you really get your money’s worth! That’s what I truly love about Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques is that you won’t break the bank and you get such a wonderful amount of product because of the quality. 


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Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques in Natural and Golden


Hooray for organic lip colors!!!! I’m also a huge fan of Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques organic lip glosses, lip colours, and lip glazes. Each of the colors provide a subtle to a more heavy desired coverage depending on if you wear them solo, or if you combine a lip colour with a lip glaze, etc. Flexibility is definitely an option when combining all of these products. I mean look at these colors up close and personal, aren’t they gorge?!?!


Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Organic Lip Colours in Peluche and Creme Brûlée

The fact that I know these lip colours contain non-toxic ingredients, It really feels great knowing that and reapplying throughout the day provides a confident feeling I am not applying anything harmful. Especially lipstick — we ingest this stuff as it soaks in our pores and sits on our lips through our meals and our routine throughout the day. 

LaurenBrookeCosmetiquesReview, Lauren Brooke Cosmétiques Lip Glaze, Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Lip gloss, organic lip gloss, organic lipstick, gluten-free lip gloss
Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Organic Lip Gloss and Lip Glaze

Along with great organic lip colors, you also need some amazing organic lip liner pencils. The smooth texture and yet the precise application that the liners provide are rich and pure in color. I definitely use liners to add a more defined lip look to outline my lips or provide a voluminous appearance. The color glides on easily and contains organic ingredients such as shea butter, jojoba oil, and castor oil. 

Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Lip Liner Pencil in Pink Blossom, Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques lip liner, organic lip liner, gluten free lip liner, eco friendly lip liner
Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Lip Liner Pencil in Pink Blossom

On to the eyeshadows, the pigmentation in some of the eye colors are perfect and match my old MAC makeup very well. I really like their pressed duo eye shadows as you can provide a few different looks by blending well with an eye brush. There’s flexibility for a more dramatic eye at night or a natural look for the day. 

Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Organic Duo Eyeshadow, Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Review
Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Organic Pressed Duo Eyeshadow in Toffee & Sandalwood

A good blush color always adds some subtle color to your face and provides a nice finishing touch. In addition, I really enjoy applying a highlighter above the outside cheekbones and down my nose and above my lips. Sometimes I use the highlighter below my arch on my eyebrows as well as a little dash on my forehead for a more dewey finish. The creamy highlighter can be applied with your fingers and just really provides a nice reflection as is if you were kissed by the sun plus allows your skin to glow without an oily appearance. 

LaurenBrookeCosmetiquesReview, Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Highlighter in Glow, gluten-free highlighter, organic face highlighter
Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Highlighter in Glow and Sweet Sixteen Pressed Cheek Color


Lastly, what I also love about this line is the black eyeliner. If you read the ingredients on any of your traditional eye liners….be prepared to run for the hills. To think that I have been applying toxic chemicals in my waterline for so many years makes my skin cringe. Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques vegan eye liners have ingredients like organic shea butter, Organic jojoba oil, Organic avocado oil, and so many other good ingredients that you won’t mind being absorbed in to your skin. It’s a great liner to apply in your waterline, however, I don’t prefer it on top since I like liquid liners instead. That’s personal preference though. 


Lauren-Brooke-Cosmetiques-Review, Organic eye liner, gluten-free eye liner
Lauren Brooke Cosmétiques Organic Eye Liner in Black

The best news is……..the code: Realglutenfreemeals gets you 20% off your purchase. Happy makeup shopping at Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques! 🙂 

Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Review

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