I typically use cinnamon in all of my baking and cooking, and would have to say it’s definitely in my top TEN go to daily spices. I add cinnamon to my coffee, chia seed pudding, non-dairy ice cream, pancakes, muffins, sauces, smoothies, fruit, beef and chicken recipes….man you name it! Not only does it taste great but cinnamon has awesome potential health benefits, so hey why not sprinkle a little on everything?! 

Red Ape Cinnamon Product Review, Cinnamon Sticks
Red Ape Cinnamon: Cinnamon Sticks


Red Ape Cinnamon® uses a Cassia cinnamon which is referred to as Indonesian cinnamon or Korintje Cinnamon. Part of how they came up with the name Red Ape Cinnamon is directly derived from the way they make their cinnamon – which is processed slowly and produces a flavorful red cinnamon versus brown. When cinnamon is ground up under a high and fast pressure it turns into a brown color (what you see in most other cinnamon products). Look at the color here as you can definitely see the red tint – which tastes superb and provides such a rich color, and the aroma itself is amazing!

Red Ape Cinnamon Product Review, Red Ape Cinnamon Cassia Cinnamon
Red Ape Cinnamon: Cassia Cinnamon


When I first came across Red Ape Cinnamon, I was at the Zoo in Norfolk, VA. We were browsing in the gift shop and I quickly glanced at these spiffy looking jars of cinnamon and thought to myself, what cute packaging! Not knowing much about the product (except that they met my organic, gluten-free and Non-GMO standards), I decided to purchase a bottle and see what they were all about. The product I picked up and purchased was the Rasta Shake. The cool name “Rasta Shake” just stood out to me, and after reading the ingredients, I definitely had to try it! I came home and sprinkled it all over some chicken I had made that night and WOW!…the flavors just jumped right out at me with each and every bite. You can see the Rasta Shake shown below and view my chicken recipe called Paleo Jamaican Chicken Curry Zoodles using this savory mix. I want to give you an idea how sublime the ingredients in the Rasta Shake are so I’ll name off a few ingredients: organic coconut, organic ginger, organic cinnamon, organic all spice, and organic thyme….doesn’t that sound amazing?

Red Ape Cinnamon Product review red ape cinnamon shake
Red Ape Cinnamon: Rasta Shake, Mardia Gras Shake, Buddha Shake


I also tried out the Buddha Shake Curry Mix and it was like a fusion of curry spice heaven. I am not the biggest curry person, however, this blend was perfect with just the right amount of different flavorful seasonings. Make sure to check out my recipe for Jamaican Curry Chicken Zoodles using the Buddha Shake Curry Mix. 

I am the type of individual who usually cooks everything from scratch, but Red Ape Cinnamon did a great job incorporating their mixes into one cute jar. Their shakes and mixes consist of all the herbs I typically would fuse together anyway  – love saving the time! Another great product of Red Ape Cinnamon’s line are the different varieties of sweet cinnamon shakes. They are so convenient for french toast, pancakes, and even a topper for hot cocoa or smoothies. My personal favorite is the Vanilla Cinnamon Shake. Since I am a vanilla junkie and add vanilla to a lot of my baking, it’s so convenient the mix  is all incorporated into one jar for me. 

Red Ape Cinnamon Product Review
Red Ape Cinnamon: Cinnamon Sugar Shake, Vanilla Cinnamon Shake, and Premium Ground Cinnamon
Red Ape Cinnamon Vanilla Cinnamon-Shake, Organic cinnamon
Red Ape Cinnamon Organic Vanilla Cinnamon Shake


What is also cool about Red Ape Cinnamon is that they provide a wide range of products varying from coffee, turmeric, cinnamon, and different seasoning mixes. I tried some of their new turmeric the other day which is certified kosher, organic and raw and boy was it amazing! This organic turmeric is sun-dried on the Indonesian island of Java and slowly ground, and is never heated above 118 degrees. The fresh smell and quality is really remarkable and I used this in a lemongrass fusion meal I had made. The health benefits are amazing as well!


Organic turmeric, Red-Ape-Cinnamon-Turmeric
Red Ape Cinnamon Organic Turmeric


There definitely are several things to admire and love about this brand. But, what especially gets to my heart is  that 5 % of their profits are donated to organizations that protect orangutans and their habitat. They even allow you to help with the selection process in voting for an orangutan they adopt each year, which you can participate in the voting process here. How awesome is that?

adopt an ape, red ape cinnamon review
Adopt an Ape (picture credits taken from: Red Ape Cinnamon)


The packaging is super cute too. I love looking at the animated apes on these bottles while I cook and bake. I love their motto: “Shake.Sprinkle.Smile.®” I literally did just that – it puts a smile on my face knowing that I support a great brand that gives back.  What I mean by this is, there’s a story behind who packages their products. Pearl Buck Center provides work and training for individuals with disabilities. What is super awesome about Red Ape Cinnamon’s packaging is the fact that it’s done at Pearl Buck Center’s facilities.  Not only do their products taste great, but Red Ape Cinnamon’s brand helps provide individuals with disabilities an opportunity to work.


pearl buck center
Pearl Buck Center (picture credits: taken from Red Ape Cinnamon)


You get an A+ in my books Red Ape Cinnamon! Thanks for providing your consumers with such great products.


For more information about Red Ape Cinnamon or to purchase please visit www.redapecinnamon.com. Red Ape Cinnamon has graciously provided my readers a 20% discount code you can use when checking out: LOVE 2015. 


Disclaimer **Some of these items pictured were sent to me to review and some products I purchased on my own. All my reviews are my own personal opinions and I have not been compensated to provide a positive review. I genuinely do love this brand and wanted to share with everyone. 

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